• 2012

Bonics Family Estate

In 1970, June Bonic chose Billabong Creek Jerilderie as the place to create our estate and home. By doing so he chose virgin land he recognized as being rich in natural goodness. As a result, he also chose to keep it as he found it – natural and chemical free. From this land a winery was born with a vision: to produce the purest and most elegant flavored Shiraz, Chardonnay and Blanc de Blanc wines. The brand had existed for some time, but struggled in an ever-changing market place. It was after much analysis and brand surveying we established a complete reposition was needed. This involves removing the focus off the Organic qualities, which were found to only harm the value of a wine brand and also, only appeal to a very niche segment of the market. Instead, the focus will lie on the key brand values established. And more so, the family feel was brought back to the brand. Bonics Family Estate.